Saturday, August 27, 2011

#8.27 Four comics. From Paris. For you. Please forgive me for being away too long.

So, I have been gone. Busy. busy.ok? And here I am in Paris. I'll be here for 4 months. And I am beginning to make up for lost comic days. I don't have a scanner here yet--and I am still afraid of drawing on my new Ipad. So you get terrible quality--and no coloring yet. Still busy. busy.ok? Here goes. Back on the cartoon wagon.
If you say you love flying, I say you are a liar.
We take our kids to Paris for some culture and the conversations continue to be about "oui, oui." (forgive the sideways-ness. Too late to re-do. Too jet-lagged.)
Yes. I miss them too.


  1. You could have drawn me on that couch with your pooches. All of us who got left behind are thinking of you...

  2. These had me laughing out loud. Love them.

  3. Gunther and Mae made me feel sad:(.Hope your adventure is going well. I am on my way to TX to help with baby boy Baxter. After over 30 hrs of labor, he arrived by C-section but I am excited to see him:).His momma and daddy are Hanging in there!Thanks for the cartoons.Glad you're back!