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So this is my "archive" of 2010 cartoons:

There are about 150 of them in the album. I don't know how to get them to my blog without tons of work--they didn't save right-side-up. I "speak" computer like I "speak" french; I know the dirty words and how to order food and how to understand insults when they are thrown my direction--then I resort to the use of the international sign for @#%&#.

So I guess if you copy and paste the link above it will take you to an album on FB where you will see last year's attempt at cartooning. Or really just concrete evidence of one of my greatest talents "Avoidance Behavior." My only other great talent is sleeping any time, any place, under any circumstances, (which is, of course a sub-set of avoidance behavior.) Oh, and I am a damn good eater.

These cartoons are not about the art (obviously.) They may not even be about humor (sometimes they are funny? No?) But they are what I do when I am "warming up" for real work (my novel---hasn't everyone got one of those in the hopper?) I also draw in an attempt to avoid food which is my favorite drug of choice....but then again, I produced 151 cartoons last year and gained 35 pounds so science may not stand behind me on the success of that project.

I have spared you the pain of my other warming up activity that is supposed to be a food diversion as well--I draw self-portraits (isn't all of this nombrilism anyway?). They are worse than the cartoons so they keep me humble. Occasionally I take a new profile pic. for FB to add to the collection--one day I will put together a farcical collection of self-studies.

#4--You know this is all fictional, right Mom?

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