Saturday, August 27, 2011

#8.27 Four comics. From Paris. For you. Please forgive me for being away too long.

So, I have been gone. Busy. busy.ok? And here I am in Paris. I'll be here for 4 months. And I am beginning to make up for lost comic days. I don't have a scanner here yet--and I am still afraid of drawing on my new Ipad. So you get terrible quality--and no coloring yet. Still busy. busy.ok? Here goes. Back on the cartoon wagon.
If you say you love flying, I say you are a liar.
We take our kids to Paris for some culture and the conversations continue to be about "oui, oui." (forgive the sideways-ness. Too late to re-do. Too jet-lagged.)
Yes. I miss them too.